Tossa de Mar Wedding Photography – Kamila & Brad

This town has a unique charm, so you can not imagine how happy I was when Kamila & Brad decided to hire me as their Tossa de Mar Wedding Photographer. They’ve chosen to get married in Tossa de Mar because it’s a place where they’ve shared many happy family vacations and already have some wonderful memories. I connected with Kamila and Brad in Barcelona a few weeks before their wedding so we could talk about the approach to photography for their big day. They were a lovely couple and we were all excited about the day to come.

The plan vs the reality.

The day of the wedding started with the sun but pretty quickly the dark clouds came, and the rain started. The couple had wanted to come to sunny Spain so the wedding would be a sunny one. This was obviously a bit difficult for Kamila and could have made her sad, but with the support of her loving family and a few glasses of the regions finest Cava, she put on a smile and stepped into her beautiful wedding day. I was able to add some hope as I know for sure that the weather on the Costa Brava changes quickly, and the Sun usually wins.

The ceremony took place at the lighthouse at Faro De Tossa which we travelled to on fabulous tram. The rain decided to follow us, but like with the touch of magic, the sun came out and the rest of the day was simply beautiful. The party was held in the Hotel Reymar and I remember the speeches were heart-warming and super funny. The reception party was brilliantly crazy, and there was a sweet buffet with a chocolate fountain, which was absolutely a hit.

The love vs the rain.

Even though the weather was a little unpredictable that day, the whole atmosphere was amazing. The weather never comes with a guarantee but with the love and support of family and friends, no matter what, your wedding will always be a precious day in your lifetime. The change in the light throughout the day also meant that I was able to capture some truly authentic images for Kamila and Brad to look back over in the years to come.

Lots of love & All the very very best Kamila & Brad.

It was a real joy and tons of fun to witness your big day in this amazing place.



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