Hello, my name is Andrzej

I know, tough name to pronounce. Many people simply call me Andrew.

I live in Barcelona since 2008, the year when my first son Alan was born. Being a dad totally changed the way I see the world, life and time, which since then, passes by quicker and quicker.

In 2010, while an early morning walk with my little boy, I experienced a very special dad-moment.
After a night at work and not more than 2 hours of sleep I had been woken up by my little son. In order to stay awake I grabbed my camera and took him for a walk.
The streets were totally empty. Only me, my son, my camera and his spoon :)
A mix of tiredness, golden morning light and a strong sense of father's pride shaped a very unique moment for me.
Those few seconds taught me how important is to be present, mindful and focus on moments which really matters in our lives. Those precious moments happens in our day by day life.

Maybe it sounds cliche, but that was a moment when I decide to become a photographer.

Here I am. Almost 10 years after. Still shaping my skills and still with the same idea; I want to photograph people´s special moments. Moments that matter.

I specialize in photographing destination weddings in Barcelona and documentary family photography but whatever is important for you, I would love to be there with my camera.

I like to work with people who, like me, think that “there is nothing more beautiful than reality”.

© Portraits by my friend Lin You