Part 2 of the list of The Best Wedding Venues near Barcelona. If you looking for a luxury venue with authentic  Mediterranean character, multiple indoor and outdoor options, suitable for a bigger (150+) wedding, this list is for you.

Click here to read Part 1 of my list “12 Best Wedding Venues near Barcelona PART 1 – Private Villas with accommodation”. I focused there on venues where you may arrange the ceremony, the celebration and accommodation all in one place.

The best wedding venues near Barcelona – the top list!

When you look for wedding venues, there are so many wonderful options to choose from! So many, that finding a perfect wedding venue sometimes can be a bit overwhelming.
Don’t worry – I’ve got you! Luckily you landed here. Based on my experience and after hours of research among my fellow photographers I’ve created this list to help you go through process of looking at the best Wedding Venues near Barcelona.  

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What makes the perfect wedding venue? 

While I’ve created this list I took under consideration location, style, ceremony space, service, amount of guests, overall vibe, post-wedding feedback from couples and feedback from my fellow wedding photographers in Barcelona.

Here you go. I hope it will help you to make another step closer to your perfect wedding day.

1. Castillo de Tamarit

Website: Beautifully located castle in a privileged space in a forest in front of the sea, surrounded by history and great beauty. Tamarit Castle offers all couples 3 different locations to celebrate their ceremony; the main square of the old town, the pool area overlooking both perfect for a civil ceremony and the XI century chapel for the religious one. 

  • suitable for larger weddings 250+
  • various indoor and outdoor areas
  • memorable views over the Mediterranean Sea
  • approx 1h15 min from Barcelona
Castillo Tamarit best wedding venues near barcelona
©Sergi Esteve

2. Bell Recó

Website: A luxury and exclusive venue in a leafy spot of the Maresme. magnificent space located in Argentona, about 30 minutes from Barcelona. The house has 1,500m2 and the garden more than 5,000m2 where you can host a larger or a wedding.

  • Magnificent space full of charm and surrounded by nature.
  • suitable for larger weddings 150+
  • Spacious indoor and outdoor areas
  • Approx 40min from Barcelona

3. Heretat Sabartés. 

Website Heretat Sabartés is a country house venue celebrations that combine history, elegance, a wine-producing tradition and modernity. 

  • suitable for larger weddings max250 guests.
  • Various indoor and outdoor areas
  • Approx 1h from Barcelona
Heretat Sabartés  best wedding venues near barcelona

4. Convent de Blanes.

Website: XVI century, charming location, situated on the seafront with incredible views over the Mediterranean sea. Peace, quiet, nautical history, flavours and nature make the Convent of Blanes a perfect venue for your wedding. If you a food connoisseur you will appreciate, that the venue host the signature gastronomy of the Michelin star chef Nandu Jubany

  • Michelin star gastronomy by Nandu Jubany
  • Various indoor and over 5000m2 outdoor areas overlooking the beach
  • Approx 1h15min from Barcelona
Convent de Blanes  best wedding venues near barcelona

5. Finca Mas Solers

Website: Nineteenth-century mansion in Renaissance style that, during its golden age, housed the former Gran Casino Barcelona. Glamour and spacious venues with 4 indoor and 4 outdoor areas suitable for larger weddings.

  • Suitable for larger weddings max250 guests.
  • Total of 8 indoor and outdoor areas
  • Approx 45min from Barcelona 

6. La Baronia

Website: One of the most picturesque venues with an incredible history. Surrounded by woods and nature, La Baronia enjoys excellent views over the village of Sant Feliu de Codina and the Vallès Oriental. The beauty of the garden and the architectural details of the property, both interiors and exteriors are the perfect settings for wedding photographs.

  • Only one exclusive event per day 
  • Approx 55min from Barcelona 

7. Ca L’Iborra

Website The venue is set between the sea and a leafy wood of holm oaks and pine trees with unmatchable, characterful early 20th-century architecture, lush gardens that merge with the woods and views stretching over the sea to the horizon. The house consists of three floors with several lounges and dining rooms of differing sizes to host all kinds of events.

  • Suitable for weddings approx 150 guests.
  • Approx 30 min from Barcelona
Ca L'Ibora  best wedding venues near barcelona

8. Castell de Bien Viure

Website: The unique colonial, Cuban-style style architecture of this wedding venue is perfect if you look for an original set for your big day. Surrounded by a “tropical jungle”, with beautiful indoor and outdoor areas, is prepared to host larger 150+ weddings.

  • Suitable for 150+guesst weddings
  • Original, colonial architecture 
  • Approx 30 min from Barcelona
Castell de Bien Viure best wedding Venues Barcelona

9. Masia Egara

Website: 16th-century Catalan country house surrounded by one of the best-preserved private garden in Catalonia. Spectacular outdoor areas, chapel, 2 indoor open areas make it a perfect location for both civil and religious ceremonies.

  • Suitable for 150+guesst weddings
  • Original, Catalan architecture with famous gardens.
  • Approx 1h from Barcelona

10.Antiga Biblioteca Almirall.

Website: Last but not least. „The Best Kept Secret of Barcelona.” Even, that it is the smallest (suitable for max 60 guest) but one of the most charming, relaxed and inspiring venues on my list, which was the reason why this venue appeared as number 10. If you plan a smaller wedding and you look for a venue inside the city of Barcelona, this is the option worth considering.

  • A unique blend of old and modern, nestled on top of the hillside of Tibidabo overlooking Barcelona.
  • suitable for smaller weddings max 60 guests.
  • Located in Barcelona 
Antiga Biblioteca Almirall best wedding Venues Barcelona


The Best Wedding Venues near Barcelona – Part 2 – Luxury Villas & Castles

So, this is my list of the best wedding venues near Barcelona! I hope it will be helpful. What do you think? If you need any more info or want to suggest another venue, get in touch!