“Enjoy the little things in life 
because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things” 

Robert Brault

Documentary Family Photography Barcelona

It’s inspired by real life, preserves the story of your family day by day right now: nothing posed or directed, simply honest moments, routines, relationships, beautifully photographed.

Day in Life sessions

I start to be interested in documentary family photography sessions soon after I become a dad. Children grow up incredibly fast and I noticed, that the most precious photographs for us are the ones I did during our day by day life. Simple but meaningful moments of fun, joy but also tears and little kids “dramas” when eating vegetables.
As parents, we want to remember every single detail of childhood and Day In Life documentary family photography are the best way to preserve those memories naturally and beautifully.




The only rule is THERE IS NO RULES. Just be you, disconnect with the world, work and connect with your family. Spend some meaningful time with your loved ones. Who cares if your house is messy. That’s just life and it passes us by so fast, that we really ought to pause every now and then to embrace the beautiful chaos.


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