“ Personal Branding Photography is much more than a headshot”

Personal Branding Photography is essential to market your business and to build a relationship with your clients. Why it’s so important? It’s because clients work with and buy from brands they like, know and trust.

These days an online presence it’s a must at any stage of building and running any kind of business. Whenever you are an influencer, a craftsman, a starting entrepreneur or a face of a big company, you should invest in custom-created content which will help you to tell the story and transmit ideas of your brand.

Top 5 reasons why I think personal branding photography is so important.

  1. Great First Impression. An interesting fact is that an average person takes approx 1,5 second to judge your website or social media account. This means that people are making a snap decision about you and your brand before they even dig dipper in the content of your website. First impression matters.
  2. Photography can add perceived value…but unfortunately can also create the opposite effect. Bad quality photographs can have a bad impact on earning loyalty and trust.
  3. Consistency and beautiful imaginary creates recognition and increases engagement.
  4. “An image is with a thousand words”. Beautiful and professional brand photography is a much quicker way of transmitting a message across your customers.
  5. Photographs carry emotion. Your images can quickly and easily convey the emotion that you want your customers to feel. Photography in your brand helps to show who you are and allows clients to get to know you – it’s a way to connect with your clients on a deeper level, and create affinity that goes beyond your brand name.

You are your brand

At the end of 2020, I was contacted by Erle. She is a personal trainer and promoter of a vegan lifestyle. Erle needed branded photographs for her new personal website and social media.

Get a sneak peek at Erle’s fitness session in Forum and read the review she send me after the session.

” When you are passionate about what you do, it will always shine through in your work. Andrzej was exactly what I needed to sum up my 2o2o by bringing out my talent with his talentous professional photoshoot.
If you need photos for your business, webpage, or simply want to record the special moments or your talent, then I definitely suggest you get in touch with him. He is creative and has a good imagination. Andrzej sees and conveys the interpretations in gorgeous and meaningful photos. He goes till the tiniest detail and is flexible and patient. He just works as long as needed to bring out perfect lighting, composition, emotion. Last not least, from the very first second the photoshoot starts, you will already understand how passionate he is about what he does.” 

Erle   IG: @erlevirki