Sneak peek into a reportage from Gigi’s & Jeff’s wedding at Xalet de Nin plus a short interview together with some valuable tips on how to plan the perfect destination wedding in Barcelona. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

Gigi & Jeff’s badass wedding at Xalet de Nin – the couple “right up my street”.

2022 is behind us. It was a crazy year. Crazy good. Many great projects but most important, many great people I met on the way. Among them Gigi & Jeff which celebrated their amazing wedding at Xalet del Nin.

I met Gigi and Jeff six months before their wedding date. After just one minute with this crazy duo, I knew their wedding was going to be one for the record books! Gigi and Jeff traveled all the way from the USA to celebrate their wedding at Xalet de Nin. Let me tell you, it was a wild ride from start to finish.

Lara, rey, Oliver, mark, Coffey, Torie, Derek are all here and I was showing pics and they all said…your photographer was the best photographer we’ve seen! Like we wanted to hang with him! So you know you’re special! Everyone noticed how amazing and special you were!!


…but first, the slideshow.

Why did you choose Barcelona for your destination wedding?

I (Gigi) love Spain. I always knew that I wanted a destination wedding (the only thing I knew I wanted) and because I love Spain so much I knew it had to be there. I was open to anywhere in Spain as long as it was along the coast and I love Barcelona so when I saw the options in the area I felt it was perfect.
I also have amazing memories in Barcelona (and Spain) with my cousin Wafaa, who was also my best friend and who passed away. I go to the beach/ocean every year on the anniversary of her death and her bday and I wanted to get married somewhere by the water so I could feel her next to me. When we traveled to Barcelona we made incredible memories and, actually, the year she passed away (2006) we had a trip planned to Barcelona in June. She passed away in May. I don’t know, I feel like getting married here honors her in so many ways and I know she’ll be with me.

Tell me about your proposal! When, where, and how?

We got engaged in Cinque Terre, Italy while hiking the 5 towns. We hiked the upper trail from town 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 because the lower trail was closed (it was amazing btw). Anyway, from towns 2 (Manarola) to 3 (Corniglia) on the upper trail, there’s a small town (not part of cinque terre) called Volastra. We walked around there and from that town to Corniglia is a beautiful trail with vineyards, olive trees and the ocean as our view. We stopped at this wine shack, in the middle of this trail, that sold the local wine and got a glass. We sat at one of the tables with the view of the ocean, drinking our wine and laughing and started taking selfies when Jeff suggested taking a video. I was super silly in the video at first and then He then got down on one knee and proposed, asked if I’d spend the rest of our lives together…and of course, after saying “what are you doing” as he got down on his knew I said YES. IT WAS AMAZING
We got engaged on July 1, 2021

One thing you love about your partner.

Gigi about Jeff: He finds the good in everyone and every situation out there, even when things can be pretty bad. He calms me and loves unconditionally.

Jeff about Gigi: She has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

How to plan your perfect wedding in Barcelona? – Gigi’s top tips for future bride & groom.

  • If you decide to hire a wedding planner, make sure you hire one you trust and who understands your vision. I have that and it is everything. Shout out to Harel & Team from
  • Get married in the place that you love and feel will make you happy.
  • Don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion about anything when it comes to your wedding day (venue, location, dress, groomsmen/bridesmaid outfits, decorations, etc) It is your day and whatever you decide is perfect.
  • A tip that Jay (the hair stylist) gave me when I met him for my hair trial…only have those you want in the room with you day of, no one else.
  • Delegate tasks as much as you want. Everyone wants to help and if they can, let them.
  • Jeff’s advice to me: don’t let the small stuff upset you. Things are bound to go wrong or things might not turn out like you imagined but know that and go with the flow

The wedding venue which ticks all the boxes

Let me also drop few words about the venue itself. I don’t try to promote or have any interest in promoting anyone. I simply think that good job deserve to be acknowledge.
It would be very difficult for me to choose the most beautiful wedding venue around Barcelona. There are way too many. But for me personally, it’s not only about the architecture or decor. The people who run the place are the ones who really make the difference. At Xalet del Nin, everybody , from the owner Carlos to every staff member, they go above and beyond to make everyone feel at ease. From Gigi & Jeff, to their guests, to the wedding planner crew, we all felt welcome, almost like home – just bigger, better, and more luxurious. Thanks, Mr. Carlos.

Dream Team – Gigi & Jeff’s wedding providers.

Great work deserve to be acknowledge. I would like to take a moment to mention the wedding providers who helped make Gigi & Jeff’s wedding in Xalet de Nin such success. Each of them did an outstanding job, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Photographers: Andrzej Witek & Nikhil Shastri
Videographer: Alessio Saveri
Venue:  Xalet del Nin
Planning: Harel & Caro (Luxury Weddings Barcelona),
Bride Outfits: Bride: Made with Love,
Hair: Jay Walker,
Make Up Artist: Laura Sanchez of Glow Makeup Studio,
Caterers : Sensacions.
Flowers & Decor: Nuria, Muguet.
DJ: DJ Kareem Junior

Seaside view on Xalet de Nin
Waiter taking a break and looking at the sea during wedding reception
Front  side of the Xalet de Nin
Bride and their friends getting ready before the wedding ceremony.
Bride and her friend laughing while their hair is being done by the hairstylist.
Bride smiling while looking at the mirror to check her bridal make up.
Groom and his friends hanging out in the room at Xalet del Nin right before the wedding ceremony.
Grooms portrait in his wedding suite.
Wedding guests having their welcome drink in garden at Xalet del Nin.
Waiters serving welcome cava at the wedding at Xalet del Nin.
Wedding guest making the toast in the garden at Xalet de Nin.
Pair of kids looking at the boat from the terrace at Xalet del Nin.
Enthusiastic wedding guests greeting each other at the wedding welcome party.
Bridesmade attached the vail to bride's hair right before the wedding ceremony at Xalet del Nin.
bridesmaid help the bride to put the garter on her leg.
Groom and his groomsman laugh in the hall of the wedding venue.
Groom walks up the aisle in his favourite pari of Jordans shoes.
Smiley groom walks up the aisle right before the wedding ceremony in the garden of Xalet de Nin.
Bride together with her brother walks up the aisle right before the wedding ceremony in the garden of Xalet de Nin.
Wide view on the guests and the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony in the garden at Xalet del Nin.
Close up shot of a bride during the wedding ceremony.
Bride listne and laughs while groom read his vows .
Bride read her vows to the groom during wedding ceremony in the garden of Xalet del Nin.
Bridesmaid and wedding guest getting emotional during wedding ceremony.
Bride putting the wedding ring on groom's finger during wedding ceremony.
the moment while bride and groom being announce as husband and wife.
Newlyweds going down the aisle right after they got married.
Newlyweds going down the aisle right after they got married.
Wedding guest announce the entrance of the newlyweds.
The newlyweds enter the reception full of wedding guest cheering up.
Group portrait of bride and groom together with all wedding guests in the garden at Xalet de Nin.
Bride and bridesmaids group portrait with the sea view.
Bride and bridesmaids group portrait with the sea view.
Groom hugging his friends at the reception party at Xalet de Nin.
Bride hugging his friends at the reception party at Xalet de Nin.
two guests feeding each other during the reception party at the wedding in Xalet de Nin.
Newlywed portrait with the view at the pool and palm trees in the Xalet del Nin garden.
Detail shot on bride and groom hands .
Laughing newlywed walking by the pool and palm trees in the Xalet del Nin garden.
bride and groom laugh during their newlyweds portrait session.
bride and groom hugging during their newlyweds portrait session.
bride and groom laugh during their newlyweds portrait session.
bride with the fan posing for her bridal portrait right after wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom looking at each other during their portrait session.

Few extra shots of beautiful wedding decor by Nuria from Muguet. and caterers – Sensacions.

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